Sergey Karshkov: A Profile of 9 Pandas

Market-leading advertising agency 9 Pandas was founded by Sergey Karshkov to provide clients with a fully integrated solution for their marketing needs. A full-service advertising agency, 9 Pandas guides the companies it collaborates with through every aspect of the advertising journey, from naming and slogans to digital marketing, design and video production.

Businesses hire advertising specialists like 9 Pandas for a variety of different reasons. Enlisting the services of an advertising specialist enables companies to benefit from in-depth expert insights and assistance in terms of planning, creating and managing their marketing needs. 9 Pandas offers expert advice on every element of advertising, including IT, copywriting and bespoke marketing campaigns.

9 Pandas not only executes advertising campaigns but also comes up with engaging and exciting content ideas, helping the companies it partners with to identify and optimise the right marketing plan for them. Benefitting from a wealth of skills, experience and connections, 9 Pandas helps clients to save money and time by making advertising campaigns more efficient and reaching high quality, converting leads with minimum effort.

Other advantages of engaging the expert services of an advertising specialist include:

  • Relieving employees of the weighty responsibility of planning and managing advertising campaigns
  • Reducing internal training costs
  • Leveraging the knowledge and experience of trusted professionals
  • Keeping up to date with the very latest marketing techniques, trends and developments
  • Maximising value for money spent on advertising campaigns
  • Gaining the benefit of an objective overview to amplify the impact of advertising campaigns

9 Pandas works with market-leading companies, developing high-profile marketing campaigns. In 2020, the advertising specialist partnered with Top Dog, developing a creative design concept for the company’s website. In the same year, 9 Pandas also partnered with BetWinner, creating a video commercial for the betting company. 9 Pandas developed BetWinner’s ‘Pile of People’ commercial, leveraging the power of the subconscious mind to build connection and brand affinity with audiences.

9 Pandas also collaborated with LeadRate, creating the media buying agency’s landing page. 9 Pandas differentiated LeadRate from rival brands by developing a landing page with a cyberpunk edge, reflecting the cyberization increasingly proliferating modern life.

9 Pandas invests in all of its employees, encouraging the development of their professional and personal skills. This has earned the company a reputation as an employer of choice. In addition to providing a workplace free from dress codes and other bureaucracy, 9 Pandas provides staff with meals and refreshments, free of charge, as well as offering a recreational area.

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