What To Avoid When Searching For Online Employee Time Clock Reviews

When you’re trying to find the right online employee time clock for your particular situation, budget, or business, it can be tricky reading through all the reviews to figure out what’s real and what’s been hyped up for no reason. The truth is, both good and bad reviews can have their exaggerations that make you steer away from a particular product.

The key to finding the right one for you is knowing what to avoid when searching for online time clock software reviews. In this article, we’ll be going over the main things to avoid when starting your search into the world of online employee time clock software.

Avoid Any Kind of Paid Promotion

This can generally be broken down into two types of review sites: those that let you pay for reviews and affiliate marketing sites where someone makes a commission off of the sale of a particular product. Companies often pay sites a commission to review their products. While it is considered poor form to solicit positive reviews, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen especially when money becomes involved.

These sites are implicitly biased by nature. This means that any review you get from them, whether positive or negative, will likely be based solely on monetary gain. This makes the reviews untrustworthy for the most part. Although it’s not to say that all paid review sites or affiliate marketer reviews are incorrect or unreliable, just that the information contained in the reviews is inherently biased.

Avoid “Trial” Reviews

You may have seen these before, where someone leaves a review of a product based on a free trial version that they used. It can be a trial of the actual product or even a demo version before the final product goes live. In these cases, the review may be incomplete, which can lead to false impressions and insights as to what the final product is actually like, which is radically different in the case of a trial. Trial reviews are not an accurate representation of what the online timesheet management system will be like if you buy it.

The reason for this is twofold. One, trial versions often limit access to certain features. This means that what the person reviews is only a portion of the full functionality of the online timecard system. The full version may have better features or may, in fact, turn out to be worse. It may become too complicated to use or too involved to be practical for your situation.

Second, trial or demo versions may differ from the final version of the product in that they are barely even recognizable. Sometimes software like an online employee time clock can go through several iterations before the final version is launched. This means that a trial review could be reviewing a radically different version and thus not relevant in terms of buying information.

Avoid New or Untested Companies

When looking for online timesheet software, you generally don’t want the one that just came out. Chances are, there are still glitches in the system, and any reviews are based on limited test data. The longer a company has been around, the more flushed out the reviews will be. This means that people will have had a chance to play around with the online employee time tracking system and see what works and what doesn’t.

This doesn’t mean you always go for the oldest company on the market, just that it is wise to be cautious around a company that is too new. Find reviews for companies that have established themselves and have some form of brand recognition, at least in the online employee time clock space. That way, you avoid settling for a product that sounds nice but isn’t what you need.

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