Keeping Data Safe: The Importance of Regular Cyber Security Reviews

With hackers constantly looking for new ways to breach networks and compromise data, your business must regularly evaluate its cybersecurity protocols. Unfortunately, nearly all data breaches are caused by human error, and neglecting cyber security increases their likelihood. 

As a result, not only is it simple to regularly review the safety of your networks, but in the online world in which new types of malware are coded regularly, it is essential. So whether you’re investigating Business Email Security or any other procedures, be sure to be as thorough as possible to avoid any potential catastrophes. 

The Importance of Staff Training

Recent studies conducted in February of this year have found some alarming results concerning Business Cyber Security practices. 

  • 94% of the SME businesses participating in the study had not trained their employees in spotting emails from hackers
  • 76% were using substandard or outdated antivirus software on their devices.

With these figures, it is no surprise that businesses are susceptible to cyber-attacks, particularly phishing and other email scams. There has been a rise in cybercrime since 2020, caused by the war in Ukraine and more people working at home. This trend will only continue until businesses safeguard themselves and their online data. Some simple principles any company could easily teach their employees include:

Work Use vs. Private Use

With more employees than ever working from home it can be difficult to keep employee and company data separate. It is essential, however, that you do so, employees should be extra careful when working online, to avoid tangling up the two types of data and causing a security breach. 

There are several ways to encourage employees to separate their personal data from work and vice versa. You could, for example, create company accounts for professional use or even supply employees with separate devices to be used solely for work. 

Password Protocols

Though password protocols are simple, they are excellent for deterring hackers. Not only should passwords be changed regularly to ensure that access points to networks are constantly evolving and are, therefore, more challenging to break, but they should also contain symbols, characters, and capital letters.

The more complicated the password, the harder it is to access private data. This is an easy procedure to follow, but you would be surprised how many businesses are yet to implement these policies. 

Spotting suspicious activity 

Vigilance should be encouraged amongst staff when working online. From hardware not working as usual to receiving suspicious emails, staff should be trained to question and report anything unusual. Remember that your staff are your first line of prevention against cyber attacks. An inappropriately trained workforce will make building a safe online workplace much more difficult. 

Regular Back Ups

91% of businesses participating in the study on SMS businesses did not back up their data correctly. If a hardware issue occurs, these businesses could lose their data entirely. Make sure to back up any sensitive data and store it in a safe location, either in the cloud or in-house.

Contact Professionals

Out-of-house contractors can offer businesses a thorough review of their network safety and security. So many companies provide high-quality IT Support in London and across the UK, with some even offering free security health checks that can give you an idea of anything that needs adjusting or changing. A cyber security health check with an IT supplier usually covers the following and more:  

  • SSL Check
  • Domain Check
  • Basic IP Check
  • Microsoft 365 Audit

Contacting professionals gives you access to both their expertise and equipment. This means you can save both time and use it to focus on other aspects of day-to-day business, and it also means you save money on purchasing new, specialised equipment. 

Book a Cyber Security Health Check

Neglecting your business’s online safety is a surefire way to run into long-term trouble. If you are yet to think about the security of your data and network, the easiest way to begin tightening things up is by training staff on how to work safely online.

However, there is no better way to keep things safe than to hire a professional and outsource your IT support needs. Around 72% of the SMS businesses in the study referenced above didn’t have any protection on their Wi-Fi, printers, or CCTV, making themselves easy targets for hackers. If your business is currently making the same mistakes, do not hesitate to contact a professional and begin fixing things, do not put Business Cyber Security off until it’s too late. 

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