Mold, what is it? How can I prevent it? Understanding Mold.

Mold, a word that no tennants or landlords ever want to hear. However mold is so common in so many homes especially older built homes.

Once you have mold it can be extremely tricky to treat and get rid of. Don’t threaten though we are here to help give you some tricks and tips on how to treat mold and keep it at bay.

Firstly to be able to treat mold you have to have a better understanding of what mold actually is.

So what actually is mold? Mold is a type of fungus that feeds on dead organic materials. In order for mold to grow and multiply it requires a certain type of climate. Its favorite climate is Damp, Humid conditions.

Damp and warm is where mold really thrives. The reason why mold is so common in homes is because homes offer warmth and the mix of cold air outside and our central heating just creates the perfect holiday for mold spores. Hot and cold air mixed just creates so much moisture and that’s exactly what mold requires.

Once materials like wallpaper, Carpet fibers and Wood get damp it is usually difficult to get them completely dry again without a constant supply of heat, this is what mold spores feed on spreading like wildfire. Before you know it you’re facing a large area that has been devoured with mold. Unfortunately mold will not stop growing and spreading until it is fully treated and removed.

Simply wiping the areas with a cloth will not kill mold spores and although it may look clean and clear it definitely isn’t. We cannot see all the mold spores until it is such a large area and sometimes completely out of control. Mold can cause a huge health risk for everyone in the property, pets and children included. Mold can cause breathing difficulties, respiratory issues that can become a permanent issue in someone’s life.

In some serious cases people are admitted into hospital and if left untreated can even cause death if mold spores get into your lungs and cause bacterial infections. This is why treating mold is so important to catch quickly, leaving mold in your home is not a good choice and can even result in you needing to move home if left to multiply out of control.

So how can Premium Clean control mold in our homes?
Keep humidity to a minimum, most mold is found in the Kitchen and Bathroom areas. This is because steam created from cooking and showering warms the air creating humid conditions.

Condensation, where hot air hits a cold surface. Steam in a room hitting a cold window is the most common. This is why mold gathers in the corners of the windows. Where possible have a blind suitable for the room waterproof so that the hot air hits the blind rather than the cold window pane.

Keep an eye out for rising damp, rising damp is where a previous or consistent leak could be according to a wall or down an external wall. A leaky drainpipe outside can cause the moisture to seep through the brickwork and start causing damp inside the property. Be sure to check all piping and external drainage if you start to get a rising damp issue inside the property.

Ventilation, ventilation is key when it comes to mold issues. Having great ventilation can take away all of the above issues, it eliminates condensation, rising damp and humidity. Opening windows when cooking or showering can eliminate the hot air from becoming trapped in the room allowing it to leave the property without causing dampness. Even drying wet clothing indoors can cause condensation so having proper ventilation will help eliminate this and also help clothing dry faster.

So we know and understand mold that little bit better, we can now begin to start treating and removing mold for good.

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