The Most Excited Video Game Of 2023 Revealed

  • “Hogwarts Legacy” is first with over 100,000 average monthly searches in the UK, and over a million worldwide
  • “Starfield” comes in second and is set to be released in the first half of 2023 after its original reschedule
  • “Nightingale” is third with 20,000 average searches in the UK

“Hogwarts Legacy” is the most anticipated game of 2023, a new study reveals.

Study by an online casino platform CasinoBonusCA analysed a comprehensive list of video games set to be released This year to discover which ones are the most searched and therefore the most awaited.

“Hogwarts Legacy”, set to be released on February 10thThe average monthly searches for the United Kingdom are 109,000, while it is worldwide at 1,230,000. The game was first announced for all platforms in early 2022. Since then, the public has been waiting eagerly for what has been teased as the most advanced third-person game ever created in the most famous wizardry school in world.

Second on the list is “Starfield” with 43,000 average monthly searches in the UK. The game ranks second on the worldwide list with 540,000 average searches.

The game will be released in 2023’s first half, with no date yet. The game will allow players to create custom characters and play in first or third person as they explore The Settled Systems. This area is approximately 50 light-years from our Solar System.

“Nightingale” comes in third with 20,000 average monthly searches in the UK and 264,000 worldwide. The game “will cast players in the role of a Realmwalker, survivors of a magical cataclysm who will explore a variety of dangerous realms, accessible by portals, as they search for the last bastion of humanity, the titular city of Nightingale”.

Further down on the list, “Sons of the Forest” comes in fourth place with 13,000 average monthly searches. The new horror game will be released on February 23rd.rdThe average search for’save me’ is 224,000, which puts it in seventh place on the global list. The story centers around a journey to a remote island, where the player must rescue a missing billionaire. He will also face dangers unlike any other.

The top five closes wiTh “Forspoken”, which gained 12,000 average monThly searches in the UK and 192,000 worldwide.

Games that appear in the worldwide top five, but not in the UK one are “Diablo IV” with 354,000 average monthly searches, set to be released on June 6th and the awaited remake of “Dead Space” with 287,000 average searches, out on January 27th.

The Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2023 (sorted according to UK Stats)
RankNameMonthly searches WWMonthly searches UK
1Hogwarts Legacy1,230,000109,000
4Sons of the Forest224.00013.000
6Skull and Bones169.00011.000
7Ark 2154.00010.000
8Resident Evil 4 Remake161.0008.100
9Dead Island 2104.0007.700

A spokesperson CasinoBonusCA commented on the findings: “The top 10 shows how when part of a franchise, some games will automatically do better in presales and anticipation, but this is not always the rule.

“In fact, while ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is first in both UK and worldwide lists, games like ‘Starfield’ and ‘Sons of the Forest’ are new releases, testament that good promotion and a genuinely interesting plot go a long way”.

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