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Many people have already paid $8 for their Blue Check, despite the controversy surrounding the new Blue Check process.

Twitter user @Dash says that if you aren’t satisfied, you can get a quick refund through Apple for your $8 subscription fee.

This is not surprising as almost all services you have purchased through the Apple App Store can be canceled.

@Dash claims that you can keep your “hash”, (blue check), for 30 days after receiving a refund. It may or not be true. Although Apple may take some time in cancelling the order and delivering it to Twitter, it seems unlikely Blue Check will be around very long.

We would love to hear from anyone who has Blue Check buyer’s remorse and has canceled but still has a tick.

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Who is the journalist?

Lance Ulanoff leapt in here:

Tweets by Elon Musk, leader of Blue Check, show that much of the Blue Check clutter can be boiled down to Citizen Journalism.

Musk wants Twitter to be the news source. There is nothing stopping them. Musk views the inequal playing field of Blue Check as creating an imbalance. The meaning and value of blue check has been reduced to one per month, which is equivalent to a cup of coffee. Anyone can verify it, and they can also report on Twitter.

Musk tweeted Friday afternoon that “As Twitter seeks the highest standard for citizen journalism, media elites will do everything possible to prevent this from occurring.”

Musk sees professional journalists as the “media elite” and we are blocking him Everybody can be a journalist Dream.

Musk was informed by this technology reporter via Twitter that the issue is not citizen journalists. Rather, the entire Blue Check system cannot be tied to identity, quality, truth, or any semblance thereof. Without it, no one, not even citizen journalists, can be trusted.

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Here’s Musk’s response, which he was excited about the evolution of Twitter Blue.

We are left to wonder: Did he get the memo?

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I was recalling when I first used Twitter on an iPhone. It was Tweetie, which was later bought by the company, and then became the app you use today.

The swipe to refresh gesture has become a standard feature in many apps, including Apple. SafariAnd the Mail apps.

To add to the chaos, Musk now tweets this from his Twitter headquarters. Although we wouldn’t advise reading too much into tweets, particularly from someone like Musk, it does give us a glimpse of the current mentality among the remaining Twitter employees…

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Musk seems to be realizing this by tweeting and highlighting it, even though he still thinks that it is a mystery.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

If you have ever heard of mastodonsYou are not the only one this week. It’s a great alternative, and I have just tried it. There are other options. A couple of apps you can use right nowYou can find me iOSAnd the AndroidYou can also register with Mastodon if you already have an account.

embodied by Lance Ulanoff

(Image credit: Future)

Our US Editor-in-Chief Lance UlanoffThis one looks like a tweet goodbye

“I’ve met some the most interesting people on Twitter. I’ve made friends and interacted with icons and idols. Twitter works the same way as my brain – in bite-sized chunks. I’m not sure how I can keep certain friends and connections. Or where I’m going with my ideas. Random makes it happy for me without it. Microsoft, please buy Twitter.

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Zoe Schaffer(Opens in a new window)Platformer writer, tweeting above, said that a message was posted to Twitter Slack, confirming Twitter Blue’s end and pushing blue ticks not to impersonate. However, existing subscriptions will continue as normal.

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Another one was sent from slackThis tweet shows how broken Twitter Blue’s verification system. One is real Apple TV PlusAnother fake account.

We expect to see a reflection of this, as it is difficult to tell which user is real or false.

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We have (awesome). Computing writer Muskan SaxenaThis tweet was sent by him to me. It’s a great example of how users feel on Twitter.

Amazing picture! It’s a crazy iceberg in shape of a Twitterbird.

So where do you stand?

It’s surprising that Musk hasn’t reacted to any Twitter developments today. At the time of posting, the above was Musk’s latest tweet.

We did notice a slight difference in the tags. They are now also blue when the site is in dark mode.

The top image shows what a verified account actually looks like, while the bottom shows what a Paid for Verification account looks like

(Photo credit: Wseagar/ $8)

fun readingBy Hamish HectorHere is a Chrome extension that will tell you if a user has been verified by a blue tick or if they have one by subscribing. blue twitterWhen she was still alive.

Anxiety on Twitter

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Let’s just be clear: Twitter is the only alternative. There are alternatives, though nothing can be.

With this in mind, We have three for youTo consider.

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Here’s Lance Ulanoff, our US editor in chief, tweeting his first tweet of 2007.

I think it’s a great tweet because it includes bread. Next question is: could his last tweet include bread as a way to close it?

Elon Musk at the 2022 Dead Gala

(Image source : Getty Images

Let’s summarize:

Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Space X, took over Twitter on October 30th. long-term acquisitionYou can access the platform.

We have seen the verification process change from being simple to confusing in less than a year. Twitter Blue subscription serviceThe ability to give any user a “blue tick” was also a major factor in the firing of employees.

Twitter Blue was completely removed on November 11th, and Musk has been silent since then.

It is therefore almost certain that the Blue Tick verification process has been completed.

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The above tweet explains that chaos continues. This is why we started this blog. What or who? He isWhat is happening?

Here’s an example of fake accounts that can be difficult to spot:

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This has led to Musk himself falling prey to fake accounts that appear to be him, and Blue Tick to prove it. This seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back as Musk backed away from some more lax aspects of the new verification process.

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However, verified accounts started appearing on Twitter as expected. It was clear that they were parody accounts because they had a Blue Tick’, but it was hard to tell with the more accurate accounts.

It’s not surprising that the ridiculed individuals and companies were not happy about it.

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Twitter has seen a number of brands announce that they are stopping advertising on the platform, which is worrying.

Musk initially dismissed complaints and concerns, despite his initial dismissal.

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He posted memes about people’s complaints and many people felt he wasn’t taking the issue seriously.

Perhaps the most controversial aspect of Musk’s acquisition Twitter is the changes in how accounts can be verified.

If the verified account was for a media channel (such as tech radar(Opens in a new window)If it’s posted by an organization (e.g. ), or a third party, you’ll be able to verify that it came from an official source. Blue Check made it possible to distinguish between celebrities and users on Twitter.

Musk however, made a change to allow anyone to be verified for $8 per mois.

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Some have been concerned that users could pretend to be official and easily verifyable accounts, making them difficult to identify which accounts are genuine. This is exactly what happened.

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