I wish I could customize Nest speaker lights

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I love you Google Nest products for the smart home. I have no shame in admitting that ecosystem is all mine. Two smart screens are mys. Nest Doorbell (Battery)Two Nest security cameras, a Nest Wifi, two Nest nodes, multiple speakers by Nest Audio, and even the Google Nest Mini. There are very few Nest products I haven’t at least tried.

But, from the sum of my groups, my Nest AudioMy favorite speakers are the speakers. These small, powerful smart speakers provide rich, full sound throughout my home. I can simply say “Hey Google. Play Oasis.” Any time in my house, I can do this: Liam or Noel fill every space like it’s “clerical,” they like to say.

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Nest’s speaker lighting is a major problem. This applies to the Nest Audio and Nest Mini, as well as older products like Google Home Max and Google Home Max. Although I understand the need to light these products, I really wish Google would let us control them.

Would you like to be able to control the Nest speaker lights?

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How does the Nest speaker light work?

Google Home Mini Coral with Lights on Wooden Background

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If you don’t have a Nest speaker, you might be curious how the lights work. Each speaker has four lights (Trekkies or. You can proceed laugh about it). Each LED dot can change colors. When the speaker is turned on, it will change colors to match the Google brand colors.

Once the speaker has been turned on, the lights will go out. If you issue a File help commandThe four lights will turn to white when the key word “Hey Google” is entered. The lights will flash in succession as Google “thinks” about the answer. When she responds, all four white lights will pulsate in unison. When you’re done, they go out again. The first light will remain white if you have not asked for it.

The Nest speaker’s four lights flash, flash, and pulse to inform you of its current status.

The microphone switch is located on every Nest headphones. This allows you the ability to turn off the microphone by hand. The four lights will turn orange or red depending on which speaker you have. It allows you to see if the speaker is not listening.

There are many more things that lights do than these, but those are the main ones. Unfortunately, you don’t have much control over this system. You can only control the lights by using the Night Mode settings within the Google Home app. This is all you have control over with Google.

I wish I could control these lights

Google Home App Stock Photo 4

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Google has done a lot of research on the Nest speaker lights, but I hope it gives the power to the user. It was frustrating to know that I couldn’t control the lights for different reasons.

For example, the lights will always be white when you turn on the Nest speaker or activate the microphone. why? You can buy a Nest speaker with different colors, so why not have the lights match that color or complement it? Why can’t I make the colors green and red all year long when it is Christmas season? It would be great for them to be red and white on national holidays. So why can’t they? Why can’t they be teal, my partner’s favorite colour? Why can’t the lights be used to indicate the weather, upcoming events, or the latest news from my favorite sports team? In many cases, color control can be a huge advantage.

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It is also annoying that the lights stay on, and they will turn orange or red when you turn off your microphone. What if you wanted them all to be a rainbow of colors as the music played? It wouldn’t be difficult to create the rainbow beat along with the music. This would be great for hosting a house party! No, the microphone must be off to ensure that all four lights are on.

This, of course leads me to what I really desire to do.

But, really, I just want them to be disabled all

Google Nest Audio in gray above the book in front of the yellow sofa.

Adam Molina / Android Authority

I’ve been talking about Nest speaker lights a lot, but I wanted to highlight something. My Nest Wifi nodes double as smart speakers. They work in the same way as the Nest Mini but have Wi-Fi capability. I can control all the elements of the lights using the Google Home App.

I can, for example, completely turn off the orange light that indicates the microphone is off. It’s a simple toggle switch. I can also control the light that alerts me when there is a problem with the network connection. It has three levels: Off, High, and Low. I can therefore easily turn off all lights from my Nest Wifi node, but I don’t have control over the little lights at the top.

I just want to switch off all the lights. Some Nest products let me do this, while others don’t.

Why is this controller not coming to the Nest Mini and Nest Audio? Google isn’t going to stop me from turning off the mic on their Wifi node. So why wouldn’t I be able to do the same on a speaker as well?

What I really want is to turn all the lights off. It would be great if they could be controlled in such detail as I described in this section. However, until then, I want to be capable of turning them off at least occasionally. The lights are a nuisance and don’t really matter to me. The lights can distract you from watching a movie, or even sleeping.

I am still subscribed to Nest for smart home. Google’s control over my smart home will always make me mad.

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