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Update: December 20, 20082022, 2:29 PM ET We have updated the Samsung Galaxy S23 hub with leaked images of Galaxy S23 dummy units and information about the S23’s accessories.

Original article Samsung continues to be the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. Its Galaxy S line is a huge reason for its remarkable success. The Galaxy S line has been synonymous with Android over the years. It is one of the most popular and well-known Android phones. most reveredDevices on the market. With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, we expect this to continue in 2023.

What could Samsung have in store to make the Galaxy S23 line even more attractive? Although there are many unknowns right now, we can make many assumptions based upon past Samsung products. We can also make a wishlist for features that Samsung will bring to the Galaxy S23 phones. Continue reading to learn more about what we know and the things we hope to see.

Is there a Samsung Galaxy S23 series?

The Galaxy S line is Samsung’s most popular premium smartphone series. It was inevitable that the company would introduce a new entry to the series, as it has done each year since 2010.

History lesson: The Samsung Galaxy S series

Samsung has made some mistakes in the past with the names of its phones. We went from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20 series, for example. Samsung did this to align the phone’s name with the year it was released. Therefore, it’s nearly certain the new Galaxy S line would be known as the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung has not yet confirmed or denied that a Galaxy S23 smartphone will be released.

When will the Samsung Galaxy S23 be released?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus display on gray

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  • Galaxy S10 series — February 20, 2019
  • Galaxy S20 series — February 11, 2020
  • Galaxy S21 series — January 14, 2021
  • Galaxy S22 series — February 9, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S phones have been launched in the first three months of each year by Samsung. In recent years, Samsung has launched the Galaxy S phones in February. the Galaxy S21 seriesThis is an exception. This was likely due the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is only natural that Samsung would launch its Galaxy S23 series in February 2023. However, don’t rule out a January or even March launch. In the past, Samsung phones have been launched in these months. There’s also no telling how the ongoing global chip shortage could change the company’s plans.

Korean outlet ETNewsOn September 28, Samsung also stated that they are considering an earlier releaseThe Galaxy S22 series. It is possible that a January launch is in the cards.

What features and specs will the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series have?

S Pen Magnify

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Magnify is a great tool for people who are blind or unable to see.

Here’s what we can gather from the rumors at present.


In 2022, the Galaxy S line saw one of its most significant shifts. That’s when Samsung remodeled the Galaxy S22 UltraMake it look and function better a Galaxy Note phone. It was also a boxy design that had an S Pen slot.

The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus looked largely the same as the previous models. Samsung may try to do the opposite this year by updating the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus’s looks, but keeping the Galaxy S23 Ultra almost the same.

We got our first apparent look at the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus on September 27 when Steve ‘Onleaks’ Hemmerstoffer posted renders. Check out the renders of base S23 below.

The Plus model will be identical to the base S23 and offer separate rear camera cutouts, instead of one housing that houses all three sensors. Below are the renders of the S23 Plus.

Hemmerstoffer would post apparent Galaxy S23 Ultra rendersSeptember 28, 2008. These images show a phone that is very similar to S22 Ultra. Below are the renders.

Images of S23 dummy units in the wild were also found in these renders. The unsourced images appear to support the what we’ve seen from the renders.

Based on the photos, it appears that the Galaxy S23 Plus and the S23 Plus may have slightly differing designs to their predecessors. Both phones could have a more angular structure this time. The S23 Ultra, however, appears to retain the same form factor last year.

Specifications and features

Samsung Galaxy S phones almost always become the first devices to be globally available with the most recent flagship silicon Qualcomm. We don’t expect 2023 to be any different in this regard. So, all three Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will have the following: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 inside. This would be for devices in North America and Korea, as well as India. Other countries may get the unannounced Exynos 22300.

Samsung and Qualcomm are not compatible. announced a deal that will see Galaxy S23 phones powered by Snapdragon chips “globally.” The announcement didn’t outright say that all S23 phones would be powered by Snapdragon hardware. It stands to reason that an Exynos variant could still launch in some capacity. According to a report from SamMobile, it’s also possible that the Galaxy S23 could get a faster, higher-clocked version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip.

Samsung does not often downgrade specs over the years. The Galaxy S23 Ultra will have the same or better specs than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. This would mean at minimum 8GB of RAM, at the most 128GB of internal storage and a 1440p resolution display with at 120Hz refresh rate, a battery charge of at 5,000mAh and a wired charging speed at 45W. It would also include a quad-sensor rear camera, with two telephoto lenses, and the main sensor to meet or surpass 108MP quality.

Samsung is now moving to the photography side. apparently confirmedWith camera partners, it will bring a 200MP camera sensors to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. A leak that seemingly exposed the Ultra’s camera specs further supports this information. According to the leak, the 200MP camera could also include a 10MP 10x perscope camera, a 10-MP 3x Telephoto camera, and a 12-MP ultrawide lens. The phone might also be equipped with an ISOCELL HP2, which will give it better nighttime performance for both video and photos.

The camera setup appears to be almost identical to the S22 except for the 200MP lens. The S23 Ultra has a lower-quality selfie camera. The S22 Ultra has a 40MP selfie camera, but a December leak claims that the sensor could be reduced to 12MP. The same leak suggests that the selfie camera could also be used in S23 and S23 Plus. This would increase the current 10MP.

According to tipster Ricciolo, Samsung could also bring an “Ultra Stabilization” feature to the Ultra. The new optical image stabilization (OIS) feature could help the S23 compete against Apple’s Action Mode.

A 200MP camera is possible for the S23 Ultra, but we don’t anticipate any other hardware upgrades.

The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus will have a lot more specs than the Galaxy S22 series. This would include at least 8GB RAM, at most 128GB internal storage, and displays with 120Hz refresh rate.

A tipter claimed that the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will be able to display 6.1-inch and 6.66-inch screens, respectively. The tipster did not claim that the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus would have QHD+ resolutions. claimsBoth phones will feature FHD+ screens (2.340 x 1.080).

Battery life was a major complaint about the Galaxy S22/S22 Plus. It would make sense for Samsung to increase both the battery capacity of the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus in 2023. Fortunately, Galaxy ClubAccording to reports, the S23 Plus could receive a capacity bump to 4,700mAh. According to the outlet, the S23 Ultra will have a 5,000mAh battery.

Something else that could also help the battery life of the Galaxy S23 series is Samsung’s “Light” mode. This feature has appeared on Samsung’s latest foldables, toning down performance in favor of optimizing battery life and thermals. RumorsThis feature could be coming to the Galaxy S23 series soon, it seems.

How about charging? Well, a certification listing points to 25W chargingThe base S23 is in line with the S22 standard. The FCC listing above also indicates that reverse wireless charging makes a predictable return.

Currently, Samsung is in the process of releasing its version of Android 13 — One UI 5 — to its collection of phones, so it would be expected that the S23 would launch with One UI 5 as well. A leak was found in November. SamMobile Samsung may be developing a newer version for the S23 of One UI that would run on One UI 5.1.

Another major rumor was circulating in Korea in November 2022. It claimed that Samsung is the new king of smartphones. working on satellite communication functionalityGalaxy S23 series. The company is working on text and low-quality image transmission via satellite.


A prolific leaker causes a leak Evan BlassA long list of accessories that the Galaxy S23 could receive was revealed. According to the leak, vanilla S23 could include:

  • Two transparent cases
  • A leather case available in Black, Camel, or Green
  • Black rugged case
  • Silicone grip case in Black and White
  • Smart View Wallet Case in Black, Cream, Green, Lavender, and Green.

The Galaxy S23 Plus could offer similar options to the base model. The S23 Plus may have more options with its silicone case, which comes in Cream, Green, Lavender and Navy as well as Black and White. However, the leak suggests that the S23 Plus may not receive a Smart View Wallet bag.

Last but not the least, the Galaxy S23 Ultra could be reportedly get:

  • A transparent case
  • A leather case available in Black, Camel, or Green
  • Black rugged case
  • A silicone case in Cream Green, Navy, Lavender, Navy and Orange.

The leak also revealed that the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s S Pen may come in four colors including Cream, Green, Lavender, and Phantom Black.

What will the Samsung Galaxy S23 price be?

Samsung Galaxy S22 back panel on cushion

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

  • Galaxy S10 — $899
  • Galaxy S20 — $999
  • Galaxy S21 — $799
  • Galaxy S22 — $799
  • Galaxy S10 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S20 Plus — $1,199
  • Galaxy S21 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S22 Plus — $999
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra — $1,399
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — $1,199
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra — $1,199

Samsung took the right decision in 2021 and significantly reduced the price of the Galaxy S21 series relative to the Galaxy S20 families. Samsung made a similar move in 2022 by offering the Galaxy S22 family at the same price as the Galaxy S21.

Samsung will hopefully continue to follow this strategy up until 2023. If it does so, the Samsung Galaxy S23 price would be $799 and $999 respectively for the Galaxy S23 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Plus. The fact that the Galaxy Z Fold 4And Galaxy Z Flip 4This idea is more credible if it is carried over 2021 prices.

It’s possible that the Galaxy S23 phones may cost the same as Galaxy S22 phones.

If Samsung does raise prices, it is unlikely that it will lower them. Judging by prices for Samsung’s lower-end Galaxy A series, the company can’t really go much lower with the Galaxy S line without cheapening the brand. However, there is still a little room there, so it wouldn’t be out of the question for Samsung to drop the Galaxy S23 prices by a small amount — say $50 or so. It’s far more likely, though, that Samsung would increase the prices if it doesn’t leave them the same.

Regardless, until we hear differently, we’re going to assume Samsung won’t be changing Galaxy S pricing in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series: What do we want to see?

The Galaxy S23 series will be one of the most popular phones in 2023. Even if Samsung changes little from the Galaxy S22 family, they’ll probably be terrific. But the phones could always be improved. Below is a wishlist of some things Samsung should do in 2023 compared to the 2022 models.

For Galaxy S23, larger batteries are required.

samsung super fast power bank on table charging s21 and galaxy buds above

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Samsung reduced the size of the batteries in the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus, for some reason. Both phones had a shorter battery life than their Galaxy S21 counterparts. The results weren’t as drastic on the Plus model, but the vanilla S22 definitely suffered. We’re not sure why Samsung expected any other outcome.

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We hope that Samsung will correct this error by 2023. The Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus must have at least the same size batteries as the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Plus. This would be 4,800 mAh and 4,000mAh, respectively. The company could go even bigger if they can. Even the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t have the very best battery longevity, despite retaining the same cell as its direct predecessor, so perhaps there’s some room for software optimization here too.

Speakers that are better

samsung galaxy note 20 review speaker s pen ports

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Speaker quality was our second-biggest complaint about the Galaxy S22 series, after battery life issues. On all models — even the Galaxy S22 Ultra — the speakers left a little to be desired considering the pedigree of the Galaxy S name. They weren’t bad by any means, but they lacked punch across the board. Let’s hope Samsung invests a bit more money into higher-quality speakers in 2023.

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More storage options (or the return a microSD card slot).

If you choose to buy a Galaxy S22 Ultra you have the choice of a 128,256, or512GB model. You can even get up to 1TB. That’s nice and all, but what if you want a Galaxy S22 or Galaxy S22 Plus? Unfortunately, you’re stuck with either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage.

This might not be enough depending on your needs. We’d love to see 512GB and 1TB options for the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus.

Of course, we’d also love to see the return of the microSD card slot, which would pretty much solve all storage problems for everyone. We’re not holding our breath on that one, though.

An update promise to finally match Apple’s

Samsung One UI 4 beta 1

Luke Pollack/Android Authority

Samsung’s update promise is the absolute best in the world of Android. For its flagship phones — and even some of its mid-rangers — Samsung offers four Android upgrades and five years of security patches. Even Google itself can’t match that.

This is only one upgrade from what Apple offers iPhones. It would be amazing if Samsung could match Apple’s five-year support plan, which includes five Android updates.

This would be a boon not only for Samsung users but also for the entire Android ecosystem. Other Android OEMs will need to match Samsung’s success. It might take some time, however, it will happen. The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is a great way to get the trend started.

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That’s everything we want to see from the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Which features are you most excited about? Vote in our poll below.

What do you want the most from the Galaxy S23 Series?

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