What keeping a diary can teach you about using to do list apps

I ended my three-year experiment of trying to organize my life using a physics journal on July 6th. I can tell the exact date because I am looking at my discontinued notebook while I write this. I took pictures five months ago. Corsair K70 keyboardTo review my next project and to follow up on a quote I received for roof insulation. I took pictures. I didn’t end up insulating the roof.

Since then, I have used the notebook to keep track of things and remember details. But when it comes time to keep track of daily tasks and chores, the same patchwork of apps that I used three years ago are still my best friend. These include Idea for long notes, Apple Notes when I need it right away, and Todoist to keep track of reminders and to-do lists. Although I no longer use bullet journals for apps and physical notepads, I still believe they are useful. My experience with bullet journals taught me an important lesson about staying digitally organized.

Bullet journals can be either physical or virtual (eg This idea template), but better known as a A way to organize a blank notebook into a personal planner. There are page layouts to help you organize your daily, monthly, or annual tasks. You can also use the page layouts to connect your to-do lists. It’s all about providing a template for creating your own chart and flexible rules to help you use it.

There are many possible complications and people like to arrange it in different ways. My main approach each day was to write down my to do list, manually copy over any items from previous days (aka “carry over”), then mark each task with Apply today. Some people prefer to divide tasks into weekly or weekly lists. monthlyI can only say that it is a general rule of thumb, but I do know what works for my daily life.

While the bullet magazine’s core is practical, I was also drawn by its aesthetics. Youtube He is full With videosIt was assembled by many people who meticulously filled it with detailed illustrations and small visuals that gradually filled it in over the course a year. I had always wished to have a small notebook that was filled with elegant handwriting, and perhaps a drawing or two. Naughty Dog holds its champions in her games. My journal was, in my mind, as much a scrapbook of daily life as an organizer.

Despite my terrible handwriting, this didn’t happen. However, it didn’t stop me from making my notebook an unseemly planner. Important emails were written down and not left unread. Next articles were sorted according priority levels and deadlines. Chores were also assigned on a regular basis, rather than being done in a chaotic fashion.

However, the best part was that all of this was done manually. I didn’t have to go back and forth with internal logic. Every morning, I would spend a few minutes writing down and prioritizing today’s tasks. I also had to account for what I missed yesterday. It’s amazing how fast you can complete a non-emergency task if you force yourself to write it down every single day for a week. Sometimes, I realized that something I thought was urgent wasn’t worth my time when I looked at it the next morning.

Each task was no longer something I could save in an app and forget. It became something I had daily to manage. I had to actively reduce, prioritize, and reflect upon the chores that John had done in the past. Am I? Is that true?Do you need a pair of pants to replace your suit pants? Isn’t it about time I stopped writing this terrible blog post? Each case was different. In each case, I found it easier to think about the things on my list.

Carrying around a notebook is an inconvenience.

It wasn’t that I stopped writing, but I did get tired of carrying around a notebook. A friend reminded of a movie she wanted to see while I was at the bar. I had no choice but to write it down in a notes application before I could put it in my physical notebook. Or I’d be driving by a grocery store and not have my shopping lists with me. It became very attractive to keep everything digital on my smartphone and with me at all time.

It’s possible to keep many of the things I love about keeping a bullet diary without giving up the convenience of using apps. I found that the best thing about the notebook was its physicality. It forced me to spend more time thinking about my daily life and organizing it. This is something that you can do with an app just as well with a laptop. You don’t have to believe that technology can do it for you.

Todoist right now is my favorite app.
Photo: Todoist

Instead of spending my time writing assignments every single day, I now use Todoist to poke around, pruning old ones, changing the due dates on others, as well as trying to keep things organized. I don’t have have to fight my poor handwriting and I always have my phone handy when I need to write something down. Although I could still benefit from the simplified interface, I choose to keep track of the task instead of saving it and forgetting about it.

While I doubt I’ll ever find an app that is as visually appealing as a YouTubers journal, it doesn’t mean I should abandon cool designs. Notion’s options allow you to personalize pages by adding elements like cover images or emojis. It’s enough for me to consider it a scrapbook that is constantly evolving, rather than a collection of documents.

It’s easy for people to believe that apps or to-do lists services will organize your life and take your hand. But if you don’t pay attention, it can quickly become a digital locker with a mess of notes hidden under your skin.forget. “

After reading through a few of the journal illustrations while writing this article I am still inclined give the physical diary another try. For now, I’m content to use the apps. Although it’s not perfect, I have learned that you can get as much from it as you are willing to give.

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