These are our favorite Google Assistant commands by team members

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Google’s AI-powered voice assistant is similar to Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. With the right voice commands, users can launch applications, ask questions and make plans. Also works with Alexa and Siri. google assistantIt can bring a bit of humor if you ask the right questions.

As a result, there are all kinds of voice commands you can hear on the Google Assistant like, “Hey Google, set an alarm for [time]”Hey Google, please remind me of [activity], or even “Hey Google, wubba lubba dub dub.” With so many voice commands to choose, there are bound to be a favorite for everyone.

Do you have a favorite voice command for Google Assistant that you can use? Our editors and writers sure do. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite voice commands, which you can also use on Google Assistant.


Our favorite command is “Hey Google. Play Jeopardy”. Google allows you voice-activated Jeopardy by saying that phrase. You can also choose the category that interests you, from pop culture to world travel or everything in between.

white noise

Do you find it difficult for you to fall asleep when there is no background noise? There is an order. white noiseIt is one our favorites. All you need to say is “Hey Google, play some white noise.” You can also ask the Google Assistant to play certain or unspecified ambient sounds, such as a crackling fireplace or a running stream. Here are some more options:

  • “Help me relax”
  • Turn on ambient noise
  • “fireplace sounds”
  • “Running Sounds of the River.”
  • “Jungle Sounds Play”
  • “Play white noise”

Start today

Few members Android AuthorityCrew members are having fun with the “good morning” command, which activates when you say “Hey Google! Good morning!” It all starts with a routine that can be created by you. You can, for example, customize your routine to allow the Google Assistant to turn on the lights and tell you what you should do. weatherTurn on the coffee maker, etc.

Lenovo Smart Display with Google Assistant Ambient Mode on

Interactive prompts and omissions

There are many funny questions that you can ask if you’re feeling lighthearted and just need a quick laugh. Interactive prompts are also available. Some of our favorite interactive prompts include:

  • “What am i thinking now?”
  • “beatbox”
  • “May the force be with your”
  • “Up, down, down, left, right, left, right, BA start”
  • “Can you rap?”
  • Tune your instrument
  • “crystal ball”
  • “scares me”

Control of the temperature in the room

Do you feel cold or hot but don’t want the effort to get up from your comfy spot? It is not worth the effort to walk to your destination if it is too difficult. The thermostatGoogle can do it for you. There are times when it is difficult to get up. This is why another of Google’s favorites helps us regulate the temperature in our room.

All we need to say is “Hey Google! Set the thermostat!” [X] degrees.” Google will set the temperature to the desired number and all we have to do is wait for the HVAC system to start working. If you are only interested in the temperature in the room, you can also ask “Hey Google, what is the room temperature?” Some thermostats also have humidity sensors, so you might ask, “What is the humidity in the room?”

Specific timings should be set

Set the timer [time]. But did you know that your limiter is what you put on yourself? timerBased on the food that you prepare? One of our team members loves to use special food timers to cook a variety of meals, including chicken, eggs, potatoes and more.

To use this function, all you have to do is say “Hey Google, set file [name of food]Timer [time]. When the timer expires, all animations and sound effects will go off. Google will set a timer to alarm for a chicken. This is the sound of a chicken coughing.

These commands are not the only ones we use, but our team also uses the most popular commands such as “turn the lights on” and “turn the lights off”. [name of song], and “name that song.” If you haven’t tried these commands or any of the others we’ve mentioned, we recommend giving them a shot and seeing the results.

Are there any Google Assistant commands you feel should have been included in this listing? In the comments, tell us which voice commands are your favorites.

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