Russia will send a Soyuz rocketcraft to replace damaged one on the International Space Station


Russia will send a spare spacecraft for the International Space Station to aid in recovery Three crew membersOfficials from Russia and NASA stated Wednesday that the Soyuz capsule had been damaged by a micrometeorite.

The replacement vehicle will not have a crew and will be launched on February 20, to pick up Russian astronaut Frank Rubio and Dmitry Petlin.

Earth observers observed the spacecraft as they prepared to leave the station’s airlock for a spacewalk on December 14. Coolant leakUncontrollable spraying in space. Roscosmos (Russian space agency) immediately canceled the spacewalk. They found that the leak was coming through a small hole in the external refrigeration line. The capsule is kept at a comfortable temperature by a cooler.

Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, has been trying to determine if this spacecraft is capable of carrying the crew home. The coolant was essential because the spacecraft’s temperature could rise to 100 degrees Fahrenheit without it. The high temperature and humidity can cause problems with the spacecraft’s computing systems. It can also make it difficult for crew members to work.

Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, will return to Earth after the new spacecraft arrives at station. The crew members will not be present.

Roscosmos and NASA said that no crew members were in danger. They continued to conduct science experiments and research, including tomato growing, while Earth crews worked out a solution. Seven people are currently aboard the station, including three who flew on Soyuz in September and four who flew on SpaceX Dragon in October.

Joel Montalbano was NASA’s program manager for the space station. He spoke with reporters Wednesday and tried to downplay its seriousness, saying that “there is no immediate requirement for the crew to return home today.”

Montalbano spoke from Moscow, where he met with Roscosmos officials. He said that NASA was not “calling It Soyuz rescue.” … It’s called Soyuz replacement.

According to Sergey Krikalev (executive director of Roscosmos’ human spaceflight programs), agencies are prepared for this type of situation. He stated, “This scenario is what we’re imagining and now we’re basically following it.”

Krikalev said that it was the “first time I can recall” having to send a spacecraft replacement to the station. He stated, “We’ve never really had a need to do this.”

Roscosmos and NASA are looking at options in case of an emergency that requires crews to evacuate the station prior to the Soyuz rescue arrives. The Soyuz crew could still board the spacecraft and use it to rescue people, but they would not have to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. It may be possible to fit an additional crew member into the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

Montalbano stated that crews would be able to travel in their own vehicles “today” under the current plan. “But, parallel to that, we’ve been speaking with SpaceX, and looking at the possibility of what can we do with the SpaceX vessel.”

Roscosmos officials believe that the damage to Soyuz’s spacecraft docked at space station by a micrometeorite may have been caused. NASA officials, he said, agree with Roscosmos. He stated that there was nothing unusual in the “making of this car”. The debris has also flooded Earth’s orbit with debris from a Russian missile strikeA crew on the space station would be required to land on a dead satellite in 2021. to take shelter in their spaceship.

Overall, Montalbano said, NASA and Roscosmos “have worked very well together, both the technical team and the management team. It’s a real testament to the partnership.”

Krikalev stated that the three-man mission of the crew will be extended by several more months with the new Soyuz stationed on the station. NASA’s schedule may be affected by the replacement vehicle’s launch. However, NASA is still not certain how it will affect NASA’s schedule. SpaceX will fly an additional crew of astronauts to the station in February. Montalbano stated that it will take another two weeks for us to be ready to announce a number of new launch dates.

He stated that the crew members of the space station were doing fine and going about their daily business. He added that he may have to add more ice-cream to reward them.

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