Picket & Rail, Launches Shinju 2+ Mattress: Aim to Help Singapore Increase Declining Birth-rate

  • World’s First Mattress Specially Designed For Sex (and Sleep) by Local Furniture Company
  • Shinju 2+ for Childless Couples, Newly Weds and Premenopausal Women at Only $69.69 (UP: $399)

Local furniture company, Picket & Rail, has been spurred to create a mattress specially designed for sex, in the wake of disturbing news of Singapore’s further declining birth rate in the ongoing pandemic. 

As reported by The Straits Times in September, the number of citizen births dropped 3.1 per cent to 31,816 in 2020, from 32,844 in 2019 and Singapore’s resident total fertility rate (TFR) has decreased from 1.14 in 2019 to 1.1 in 2020, remaining below replacement rate. 

As a seventh-generation Singaporean, the company’s CEO was disturbed enough to be spurred to think how his company could help Singapore tide through the pandemic, declining birth rate and all … and he decided to contribute in the way that they knew best – designing furniture and mattresses for Singaporeans.

Picket & Rail has been a mainstay in the country for the last 23 years, is Singapore’s top selling solid wood and premium leather sofa brand, and prides itself on being able to provide a complete furnishing solution for every room in the house with its range of products.  The company’s 20,000 square feet mega showroom at Tagore stocks at least 20,000 unique products, giving it the unique ability to provide a full set of furniture for every person in the family, from parent to child, to grandparent with its large variety. 

This extends to soft furnishing such as mattresses, pillows, bedsheets and pillowcases.


Picket & Rail believes that the kind of mattress that one sleeps on determines a person’s well-being, not only in rest, but in sexual health too. 

“If you don’t do it, you will lose it,” says Faisal Alsagoff, Picket & Rail’s CEO. “I think Singaporeans are not having enough sex and thus we are not producing enough children.  This could be due to many factors such as the stress of city living in a high performing society, but it could also be simple science where the bed and mattress one sleeps on may not be suitable for performance sex and romantic cuddles.  I tasked our designers and production to design the Shinju 2+, which I hope will help Singaporeans produce more babies!”

The Shinju 2+ provides a stable yet contouring base with double-tempered carbon steel pocketed springs that are durable and optimal for great sexual positions.  The latex foam top with double-knitted fabric provides an extra cool top, for comfort.  Pair the mattress with Picket & Rail’s solid wood beds that do not creak and its proprietary Tencel®-coated moisture-wicking and waterproof bedsheet that doubles as a mattress protector, and Picket & Rail assures customers many rewarding lovemaking sessions.

As a token of solidarity for childless couples who may have not had the benefit of a Picket & Rail  mattress or bed in the past, Picket & Rail is offering a special discount online and at their megastore. For any solid wood queen bed purchase from January to February 2022, customers will get the Shinju 2+ mattress at only $69.69.  The company is also urging pre-menopausal women to try having another child, and newly-weds to start their families early in a bid to up the country’s birthrates.

To avail of this offer, visit Picket & Rail at 25 Tagore Lane, Level 2, Singapore G Building, Singapore 787602 or order online at https://bit.ly/32i2pjQ.   For more details on the beds and Shinju 2+, refer to Appendix A.

Picket & Rail also has a baby range of products and is the exclusive distributor for Maxi-Cosi car seats and Safety 1st bedrails and safety gates. 

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