What should you do to customize your DualSense device? Here’s how I did it.

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The Sony Playstation 5Although it’s more than two years old, it’s still difficult to find. Fortunately, the console’s official controller — known as the DualSense — is much easier to grab. It is compatible with Mac and PC computers. Android phonesYou can also use it on iPhones.

There are many options for customization, even though the console is available in several colors. You may want to personalize the DualSense to match your device and make it more useful. This may make you wonder if it is a good idea, as disassembling an electronic device can be tedious.

This was my situation recently. I wanted to dedicate my DualSense PC gaming, but was a little nervous about the decision. If you’re in the same boat, let me tell you how I got through it all so you can get a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Please note:The warranty may be voided if the DualSense controller is repaired. If you plan to customize the DualSense controller, please keep this in mind.

Why would I want to customize DualSense

Customize your DualSense with the Xbox buttons finished

Scott Brown/Android Authority

Most people want to change their appearance. controllersThey are searching for a new aesthetic experience. My approach was a bit different. I have a PS5 and two DualSense controllers, but I also have two DualSense units that I use to play PC gaming.

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DualSense is compatible with modern hardware because it supports steam controllers Computer games. Older titles have a major problem: mismatch buttons. For example, if I’m currently playing a game that is older, mismatch buttons can be a problem. Steam gameDualSense will work fine with the on-screen buttons matching the controller’s. Steam will treat DualSense as an Xbox controller for older titles. The icons displayed on the screen will be similar to the classic Xbox ABXY faces buttons. These icons are not available on the DualSense, which makes it frustrating because I can’t see which button is which.

I modified my DualSense to have Xbox-style face buttons, so that the images on the screen matched those in PC games.

In other words, the game will tell me to press the A button. I’ll need a reminder that this button is the cross button on my DualSense. This frustrates my soul.

These buttons will be well-known to hardcore gamers who will likely have them memorized and think I’m crazy. As a casual player, I didn’t save them. This can be a problem in games with short events. These are the moments I need to see all the buttons. You might also be wondering why you haven’t bought an Xbox controller instead. There are two reasons. Gyro and touchpad. These features are not available on Xbox controllers. They are especially important to me as I do a lot with console emulation.

All of these reasons are why I bought some DualSense ABXY facial buttons This seller is Etsy. I didn’t know how to get them in the console before I bought it.

Overall process

Customize your DualSense Macro shot to a small button

Scott Brown/Android Authority

I followed these steps to do the customization This YouTube video. The console can sometimes be out of focus and the YouTuber may use the term “guys”, but the instructions were clear. They only gave me the information that I needed.

I only needed a small screwdriver and a pry-tool. Using a drill to remove thin plastic pieces is nerve-wracking. I was nervous about the whole process.

It was actually much simpler than I expected. Each part was easy to get. There was no need to alter any of the electrical circuits in order to switch the buttons. This minimized the risk of causing irreparable damage.

The steps are shown in the photos. First, remove the bottom panel guard. Next, remove the entire back of your console. The battery must be removed. Next, disconnect the ribbon cables from the circuit board. Slide the circuit board out of your way and then remove the front panel. It’s easy to flip the new buttons once it’s removed. You can then reverse the steps to assemble it again.

The YouTuber completes the entire process in a single 15-minute video. This means that it will take only 15 minutes to complete the swap. I took it a bit slower, but still managed to complete the task in 30 minutes. The console looked great and performed as well as it did before it was disassembled.

This can be done at home.

Customize your DualSense with the Xbox buttons

Scott Brown/Android Authority

You’ll be able to customize your DualSense controller if you have used a small screwdriver before. It may look complicated because of all the parts you need to take out to access the front panel. But it’s really easy. Simply unscrew some screws and cut off some plastic pieces.

You can’t place buttons in the wrong spots because of the Sony controllers internal design. You don’t have the worry of putting it back together and then finding that the square button was in the wrong place. It’s virtually foolproof.

Sony DualSense controller

Sony DualSense controller

Official PS5 Controller • Lots of Colors • Wide Compatibility

This is the official console of the Sony PlayStation 5

DualSense is the brand name for the PS5 controller. It features all the same features as the PlayStation 4 consoles but with more added features, such as ultra-accurate feedback. It also works with Android and PC.

If you have never done this before, please take it with a grain. Incorrectly removing ribbon cables can lead to a $70 console that is permanently broken. You should not open your console as it may void your warranty.

However, I love the functionality of my new controller and am glad that I went out on a limb in order to make this customization. I regret that I didn’t swap the buttons. I now know how easy it can be, and I want to make custom parts for everything. This might be my next project.

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