5 Android apps that you shouldn’t miss this week

Welcoming to 465 Android Apps WeeklyThe last version will be in 2022. Happy New Year! Here are the top headlines from the week:

  • We asked our readers what their Google experience was like this year. You’ve all told usYou would think that Google did well in this year’s hardware and software. Statistically, 48% said Google had a successful year, while only 5% said it was a disaster. To see more statistics, click on this link
  • We also asked our readers when the last time they downloaded an Android app. More than 40% of our readersOnly 15% of sideloaded apps in the last month. We found this interesting, as sideloading apps is very rare. We have some very rare readers, it seems.
  • Try our Adam Burnie Use Google Translate on a tripThere are mixed results. Some of the travel-friendly features don’t work offline, for instance. Adam shared his experiences with the various features that worked and did not work. You can read more about it at this link.
  • Google is concerned about search. The company is worried about the growing popularity of AI tools. The mode is reported to be a Google red flag. The concern is that the AI ​​responses give accurate answers so that people don’t click on advertising links anymore, which could cause Google to lose a lot of money. Click the link to continue reading. We’ll keep you posted on what happens.
  • We round a file in accordance with the rule The best new Android appsThen there is the The best new Android gamesThen there’s the The most controversial apps and gamesThis is the same as last year. To see our picks, you can click on any link. There are 50 apps and games that you can scroll through, as well as a dozen more controversial apps and gaming. It’s been an exciting year with many interesting launches.

Alliance Alive HD Remastered

price: $11.99

Alliance Alive HD Remastered remasters the Nintendo 3DS game with the same name. Also available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game is an RPG set in a fantasy setting. Nine characters are eventually created by the players, each with their own stories that intertwine with the others. The combat is turn-based and reminiscent of JRPGs from its era. The original story is included in the game, as well as updated graphics and new features. Although the game is quite expensive at $11.99 there are no ads or in app purchases that could ruin the experience.

Only a launcher

price: Free

Mere Launcher 2022 screenshot

Mere Launcher, a minimalist launcher, has larger icons. The home screen displays your most used apps. There is also a shortcut to the application drawer, where you can find everything. The app offers dark and light themes, as well as a background tint function that can increase contrast. If necessary, you can even point at the player’s eye. Although there aren’t many additional features, this is normal for a simple app. It’s not terrible and worked well during our tests.

frozen city

price: Play for free

Frozen City simulates building a city. It takes place within a world of snow and ice that plays into the survival aspects. You build your city slowly, recruit survivors to go on quests, explore wilderness, and survive in the cold. It’s a simple game with few twists and turns that can frustrate the player. Microtransactions are available, but they aren’t too bad. Everything works fine, except for a few bugs in the early games.

My link manager

price: Free

My Link Manager 2022 screenshot

My Link Manager is an app that organizes and manages your web browser bookmarks. This app is especially useful if your web browser doesn’t support bookmarks, or allows you to sync them to another device. It’s an easy app overall. You can place your links there and organize them. It also has an import and exit function so you can back up your data. It doesn’t require internet access, making it an offline app. This is a great idea, and it worked well in our testing.

Ever corps

price: Play for free

Ever Legion 2022 screenshot

Ever Legion is an idle RPG. The player must save his family from being turned into undead creatures by embarking on an adventure. You will need to collect heroes and allow them to battle in order for you to level up and advance. The game runs in the background so that you can work while you sleep. The graphics are acceptable. The world design was more appealing than the character design. However, it is very Diablo-like with its dark colors and palettes. It is comparable to games such as AFK Arena. As long as the developer does not make mistakes, it may actually succeed.

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